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Electronic filing of statements

With a team of expert collaborators with the Spanish public finances, Grupo Din Bolig will be responsible for filing tax returns on behalf of others without travel, while facilitating customer service and keeping our clients informed of their fiscal obligations.

Alerted to the Tax Authority

Do not worry if you are not familiar yet because we will help you to understand the Spanish systems. High on Finance, Tax Filing previous accruals, residency requests, local taxes.

Home Peace of Mind

We offer all kind of insurance through our partner insurance company ALLIANZ, offering complete peace of mind for you at home, whilst staying abroad, financial, life, personal risk insurance. Please consult us for a free instant quotation, it may offer the desired coverage with expanded projects that our company performs.

After sales service

Grupo Din Bolig are experts in Property Management. We perform all the necessary steps to put your house for sale, as well as advising and making all the necessary arrangements for the purchase. With these services the customer will have peace of mind that your home is registered, that your taxes are paid and that your home is secure.

Bank agents

Collaborating with major banks (Deutsche Bank, Banco Sabadell, Bankinter …) will help arrange a mortgage in Spain both in the currency of your country and in euros. If you are selling your home and is taxed Mortgage we will perform the cancellation thereof, including notary and registration procedures.
We will help you open an account with the best conditions to the needs of each client

Premium accounts, payroll, currencies

Foreign-registered drivers with at least 30 days living in the country must register their vehicle in Spain. The Civil Guard and the State Tax Administration Agency (AEAT) have led a campaign for a crackdown on foreigners living permanently or temporarily in Spain and whom have not registered their vehicles here and have paid taxes corresponding.

Tax advice and tax returns

Advice and management in real estate sales

Wills and estates



Legal services